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Bioma 2016 in Bled, Slovenia

Two weeks ago the 7th International Conference on Bioinspired Optimization Methods and their Applications took place in Bled, Slovenia. It’s a biennial conference so I was really lucky, that my work by than head reached a stage where I already had gained some positive and interesting results and was able to submit my paper just in time.

Though it didn’t contain the results I’m still heading for, the paper got accepted. Hence in mid-may I travelled to Slovenia to present my results at this conference.
This neither was the first conference I visited, nor the first talk I gave, but this was the first time I presented some work that might become the foundation for my thesis. I was so nervous beforehand, I was nearly dying.
Luckily I didn’t. 🙂 Because the overall feedback was quite good, which gave me some additional motivational boost.
In general the conference was a really nice one. The atmosphere was familiar, the program was dense with lots of interesting talks, and the accompanying program was really fun.

Also, the location of the conference, Bled, is a very beautiful place. If you’d like to see more of Bled head over to SweetChaos where I’m presenting some pictures of the most beautiful sights I found.

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